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Client: TIM Celular S.A.

Project: InfoPEX – Information System for Excellence Program

In 2007, TIM Standard of Excellence, also known as PEX, began. The program’s goal was to form the basis for a quality service in sales channels and support TIM.

PEX contemplates, among other factors, the application of evaluations in order to ensure operational efficiency in the following channels:

  • TIM stores;
  • Authorized stores;
  • Recharging;
  • Business;
  • Sales support.

InfoPEX is an automation system of PEX activities through Web interface. It enables each channel’s reviewrs to fill out the checklists and evaluation sheets. Results are available to professionals for handling or for a simple query.

The tool also acts as a portal for the promotion of all PEX activities that are inherent in the development of the program such as: roles, responsibilities, sales techniques, management methods, evaluation criteria, processes, among others.

The tool has flexibility in modifying items. In each evaluation channels are allowed to alter their questions. InfoPEX produces rankings according to the evaluation results.

Skills Used

Django / Python Codification
Strategic Consulting
Software Architecture
Implementation / Training