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Banco do Brasil

Client: Banco do Brasil S.A.

Project: SisconDJ

SisconDJ is a management system for judicial deposits made to the courts of justice in the country. It controls the entire process of maintaining subaccounts, issuing payment slips and conciliating automatically. It was developed with Java and Oracle technologies.

The system is based on Web technology with instantaneous updates and no need to purchase licenses for devices. Only a browser (Internet browser such as Internet Explorer) is required.

Banco do Brazil SA (BB) is a Brazilian state-owned financial institution, organized as a joint stock company, with participation of the Brazilian Union in 68.7% of the shares. Along with Caixa Economica Federal, Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social, Banco da Amazônia and Banco do Nordeste, Banco do Brasil is one of the five state-owned banks in Brazil.

Its mission, according to its corporate philosophy is “To be a competitive and profitable bank, promote the sustainable development of Brazil and fulfill its public function efficiently.”

According to the bank itself, the company has 15,133 service centers across the country, among agencies and stations, being that 95% of its agencies have self service rooms (there are over 40 thousand lines), which operate beyond banking hours. It can also be accessed via Internet, telephone and mobile phone options. It is present in over 21 countries besides Brazil.

Skills Used

Java/Oracle Codification
Software Architecture
Implementation / Training
Strategic Consulting
Specification Documentation