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Outsourcing Solutions / IT Staff Augmentation

Save time and money, choose an Agence IT specialist. A software factory with more than 24 years in the market.


Why should I hire IT professionals via Outsourcing for my company?

With our IT Outsourcing service, your team can fully concentrate on the company’s key activities, maximizing efficiency and focus on the core business.

Our services provide not only legal and labor security but also optimize costs and reduce the burdens associated with direct hiring. By choosing Outsourcing, your company gains access to a diverse array of highly qualified IT professionals – including Developers, QA Specialists, Scrum Masters, Designers, and IT Project Managers – without the need to go through a lengthy and complex recruitment and selection process.

Our commitment is to ensure the delivery of the most advanced and efficient practices in the IT market. Furthermore, Outsourcing offers the flexibility to scale services according to your company’s needs, turning fixed costs into variable ones and ensuring excellent cost-effectiveness.

Choose our IT Outsourcing solution for a strategic partnership that drives the growth and innovation of your company.

Main Benefits of Outsourcing for your company

100% focus on the main activity.

Acquire knowledge and technologies that are not available internally.

Improves the performance of your team and the IT area.

Improve risk management.

Focus of resources for investments in assets in essential areas.

Cost reduction by leveraging supplier expertise.

Transform fixed costs into variable costs.

Transform employees into experts in the essential activity of the organization.

Reasons to hire IT professionals via Outsourcing with Agence

Guaranteed Quality

We are a software factory with 20 years in the market, with high performance professionals in technology careers (Devs, QA, Scrum Masters, Design, IT Projects, etc).

Focus on what matters

While your company is dedicated to the core of the business, we can take care of IT. With Agence, your company can outsource a small task, a specific business process or the entire IT department while maintaining security, productivity and savings..

Cost reduction

Cost reduction, follow-up increasing quality and services provided. Agency fulfills its goals within your budget.

Lower ongoing investment

Lower ongoing investment in internal infrastructure supported by Agence.


We have the ability to allocate resources as we have a technical reserve that can be activated in an emergency.

Detailed proposal

Detailed proposal specifying in detail all values for services, thus making the much more transparent process and straight.

How Outsourcing works with Agence

Fill out the form on the website with your contact information. Specify the skill set of the professional you are looking for. We will provide you with information about our plans and services, and if necessary, make a decision on the need for Hunting or Outsourcing.

We will look for potential professionals for you. If you want to apply a specific test to evaluate and filter potential professionals, we can include it in the variety of tests that we have already carried out.

We will send you the options of the available professionals that best meet the requested skill set and that have obtained the best results in the tests carried out so that you can choose the one that you think is most suitable.

An interview with the selected professional and you will be scheduled. If the professional is approved, we will assign the professional to start their tasks, either in your company or in ours.

Testimonials & Customers

Big clients with big projects, come and see our work.

Check out our certifications here:
Fabio Figueiredo Carvalho

“Agence managed to deliver exactly what we needed: a website that effectively reflects the corporate image of our company.It is serious, professional and modern, much like the services provided by Orbe.”

Fabio Figueiredo Carvalho

Sócio-Diretor Orbe Investimentos Ltda.
Ry Sterling Yennie

“Based on my experience working with Agence, I can say that they are a consolidated team, always trying to offer the best customer experience, and are highly qualified in technology to face any challenge in mobile and web environments.”

Ry Sterling Yennie

Vice President Covestone Corporation
Roberto Wolf

“Agence has been our business partner for four years now. It’s very important for us on Federation to know that we can count on them for our future projects, strengthening this partnership even further.”

Roberto Wolf

Superintendent MS Federation of State Industries
Professor Dr. Maria Inês C. Octaviani

“The quality and professionalism of Agence’s team allowed their understanding of our needs with precision and agility, proposing innovative solutions that fully met our expectations.”

Professor Dr. Maria Inês C. Octaviani

DDE Manager Anhanguera Educacional S.A.
Marcelo Kussama

“Simply my partner in technology solutions for the past 6 years.When I need innovation with quality and speed I always think of Agence. Congratulations on the staff’s professionalism.”

Marcelo Kussama

Assurant Solutions Automotive Intelligence
Andre Cavalcanti

“We are accelerating our achievements and we count on Agence on this ambitious project for Brazil. We are very pleased with the competence and quality of work of Agence’s professionals.”

Andre Cavalcanti

Sales Consultant Direct Toyota Brazil
José Luis López T.

“Our Company is very pleased with the work implemented by the Agence team. They could easily understand our needs, which resulted in an efficient and fast implementation of our project.”

José Luis López T.

Manager of marketing projects and specifications. Hunter Douglas Chile S.A
Graciela Berlezi

“I have been working with Agence for over four years and I always have my expectations exceeded.Very involved in the context and primarily quick, agile and always meeting deadlines. I recommend their services to any company.”

Graciela Berlezi

Resale Coordinator and Point TIM TIM Celular S.A.
Rafael de Oliveira e Tatiana Miranda

“We are very pleased with the efficiency and attention that Agence’s team had with our project. Other important point was the quick understanding of what we needed, which facilitated our work.”

Rafael de Oliveira e Tatiana Miranda

Loss Prevention Management Sadia S / A
Patricia Mota

“Agence participated in a historic moment of Pirelli Tires. Very efficiently and tactfully, they helped us develop a relationship system. The partnership is already showing good results, and certainly we will be together on other projects.”

Patricia Mota

Trade Marketing Latam Pirelli Pneus S.A.
Marco Luvizan

“Agence represented an evolution, nowadays we work with the most modern technologies available in the world. That added much value to our business, guaranteeing scalability and high availability for applications.”

Marco Luvizan

Coordinador de Infra Estructura Toyota do Brasil
Rodolfo Neute Borges

“We can consider Agence one of our partners. Combining of excellent support, flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, the work and projects delivered are now part of our company’s day-to-day life.”

Rodolfo Neute Borges

Sales System Pirelli Pneus S.A.