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Client: UBC

Project: UBC

UBC is a system that, through wi-fi connection, creates a profile of the connected users. This profile is created with the following information:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Neighborhood;
  • Monitoring of Internet accesses
  • Monitoring of physical displacement of users in the environment
  • Type of device connected to the network (Manufacturer, Mobile, Tablet, etc ..)

Thus we have:

  • Network Locations where the largest number of users is;
  • Navigation Profile (accessed sites) according to age / gender;
  • What physical areas of the monitored environment are most visited;
  • In which places the internet is most accessed;
  • How long users stay on the network according to profile.
  • And much more

The UBC system is able to precisely detail user behavior in large environments such as malls, exhibition centers, markets, etc. Everything is made from a quick registration held on the device’s first access to the network.

Skills Used

Design Interface
Swift Development
Software Architecture
Project Manager