System Development

Way beyond lines of code, Agence have helped businesses innovate through technology for more than 20 years, worldwide

Why develop custom software?

How your company is positioning it self in regards of 4.0 revolution?
Difficulty finding the correct data, systems that don’t connect to each other and manual and laborious processes are part of your team’s routine?
Advance your business by developing a custom software. Automate processes and consolidate data in real time with comprehensible dashboards, through integrated systems that will assist the progress and the dynamics of your company.
By developing your custom software with Agence, you will have a partner that catalyze change and sees technology as a solution to corporate problems.
Through this vision, over more than 20 years, Agence have developed software for clients throughout the American continent, optimizing processes and assisting companies in their Digital Transformation experience.

Applied Technologies

Programming languages used to bring your project to life and boost your company into 4.0 revolution

Advantages of a custom software

If your company is unique, why your software needs to be Off-the-shelf. Understand the benefits of a custom made software

Built from the start with focus on your team’s needs.
Optimize your operational processes, say goodbye to tables and manual and laborious processes.
Cost Reduction: With a more streamlined process, decisions are based on a larger data base, automating repetitive tasks and avoiding errors.
Reduction of communication gap: Your team has access to vital information from different sectors (with personalized access level), in a centralized way, thus avoiding communication gaps and bottlenecks.
With optimized processes, your team can focus on strategic activities for the company.
Flexibility: with a custom software 100% developed for you company needs, it adapts to the process of your business and can undergo continuous updates over time, depending on the business need.
Vital information is available on dashboards, producing a more objective decision-making process.
Improve Results: Solve strategic issues of your company, through technology and improve results and KPIs.

Reasons to develop your software with Agence

Understand the reasons we captivate our partners and it is incredible to develop a project with Agence

Vast experience with more than 20 years in the market, and projects developed on a multinational level.
Strategic Consulting: Agence understand your business circumstances and how technology can boost your results.
Guaranteed delivery and quality, more security for your project and company.
Experienced team allocated according to the demand of each project, with a dedicated Project Manager to manage the demands.
Agence develops a customized system from the start with focus on your company’s needs.
Agence uses the main agile methodologies to deliver your project in record time without compromising the quality of delivery.
Prototyping: Align the expectations of the final project, in addition of having the mock-up software screens for investors and internal meetings.
Customer Success Manager: Your project will have a professional allocated to ensure the success of your project, ensuring that it solves the problem that was initially presented.
Upon delivery of the project Agence can offer hosting services suitable for your system with high-capacity servers and 24 hours dedicated support. (include hyperlink to hosting page).
Software updates: Keep your software up to date with a maintenance hour pack for your future needs.
Block-by-block building: Your system can be built by block (modules), prioritizing essential functions and adding functionality over time.
User experience (UX): We use user-centric methodologies to create innovative and intuitive products and services.

Companies innovating with our solutions

Toyota is one of the leading brands in the automotive market, with a presence in more than 160 countries, always carrying innovation and quality in its DNA.

Over more than 15 years of partnership with Agence, we have developed more than 15 systems and projects for the most diverse demands, such as sales management, help desk and call center.

The main one was the Toyota Training Center, or CTT, which is an online training and auditing tool, that brought innovation and simplicity for the training and the auditing processes.

Companies innovating with our solutions

El Banco do Banco do Brasil, one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil, present worldwide in more than 21 countries.

We developed a solution to automate the processes related to judicial deposits, which were previously controlled manually through spreadsheets.

Through our solution, the entire process of electronic license, payment and the data consultation is orchestrated through a custom built system, making the process faster and easier for all stakeholders, in addition to reducing errors from manual processes.

Companies innovating with our solutions

"Ambev is one of the largest beverage multinationals worldwide, present in more than 19 countries, with a portfolio pf more than 200 products.

Imagine being responsible for the company's procurement department, and the whole process is being done manually using spreadsheets, it seems quite a challenge, right?

With this scenario that Agence were sought out and started a process that revolutionized the procurement department. We developed a management control system, ensuring visibility of each procurement stage, in addition to tracking negotiation. records, with high performance and efficient data auditing.

Our solution brougth precision and control for decisions making, trougth dashboards and made communication between employees and suppliers of the group easier.

Companies innovating with our solutions

Vivo is one of the main telecommunications companies in Brazil, with more than 3.000 customer service points throughout the Brazilian territory. Our partnership began in 2015, and Agence solved and optimized several business processes through our technological solutions.

One of the main chalenges we helped to improve was related to customer service, a universal problem for every companies in the sector.

Through our solution, the customer service attendant finds the all client information to facilitate the service (both for B2B or B2C), quickly and easily.

As a result, we were able to decrease the service SQL database and significantly improve the NPS (Net Promoter Score), increasing customers loyalty.

Companies innovating with our solutions

Imagine the responsibility of the customers service of a multinational tire manufacturer as Pirelli. Calls, emails and even letters arrive at the same time and your process is based on manual spreadsheets to access information. Sounds challenging, right ? With this scenario Pirelli sought us out and we began our partnership in 2005. The customer service sector was basicly transmitting information about the closest points of sale of their products portfolio.

Both the information about the POS and the service recording were done manually in spreadsheets, making the process slow and prone to human error.

Agence developed a 100% based web system, integrated into all service framework, improving customers service and delivering an extensive digital transformation to the brand's SAC.

Companies innovating with our solutions

Latam was born from the merger between Tam and Lan, becoming one of the major airline worldwide, with more than 300 aircraft in its fleet.

The AOG (Aircraft on Ground) is the period an aircraft remains stationary due technical reasons and is one of the main challenges of aeronautics, especially when the disrruption is caused by a maintenance issues, compromising the company's flight schedule.

To reduce the AOG and increase the Latam operations profitability, we developed a system, via API, that allows Latam to know where the aircraft is stationed, where the replacement part will depart from and what the next intinerary scheduled flight to the location, allowing for faster boarding of replacement parts and reducing waiting and maintenance time.

Main Agile Methodologies

We use the most modern methodologies to deliver projects in record time, with Agence’s standard high quality

Scrum: Ideal for highly complex projects that need to be delivered quickly. It is based on time-boxed iterations, called sprints.
Kanban: Ideal for projects that need to be monitored in stages. It operates with constant checklists at each stage.
Lean: Its main objective is to identify improvement points in the process. It dialogues to a great extent on the concept of MVP.
Smart: Perfect for businesses that are reinventing themselves or revolutionizing processes, helping to set realistic and motivating goals.

The process of creating the perfect application with Agence

Contact us and tell your company’s needs. One of our Business Consultants will connect with you and collaboratively outline the best solution for your project.
With an approved proposal and the project aligned, Agence will use the Scrum methodology and allocate the most appropriate Team and Project Manager for your project. Guaranteeing this way batter delivery agility and quality.
Through Desing Thinking and UX we start the development of a high definition navigable prototype of your software. This creates a more accurate estimate of timing and effort needed, organizing upcoming stages in software development and ensuring the correct execution of the user interface screens for presentations.
Following the agreed schedule, we will develop your application according to the scope approved in the design thinking phase. Your project is almost ready for use.
We deliver your software finished and ready to use. We can also offer a support and maintenance plan for improvements and updates, ensuring smooth operation of the system, as well as hosting through Agence Host.

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Testimonials & Clients

Large customers with large projects, come to know our work.
Banco do Brasil
  • "We are very pleased with the efficiency and attention that Agence's team had with our project. Other important point was the quick understanding of what we needed, which facilitated our work."
    Rafael de Oliveira e Tatiana Miranda
    Loss Prevention Management
    Sadia S / A
  • "Agence managed to deliver exactly what we needed: a website that effectively reflects the corporate image of our company.It is serious, professional and modern, much like the services provided by Orbe."
    Fabio Figueiredo Carvalho
    Orbe Investimentos Ltda.
  • "Agence represented an evolution, nowadays we work with the most modern technologies available in the world. That added much value to our business, guaranteeing scalability and high availability for applications."
    Marco Luvizan
    Coordenador de Infra Estrutura
    Toyota do Brasil
  • "I can say we are very satisfied with the work done by Agence. They are very professional, efficient, meet the deadlines and get involved in the business to better provide the best technological solutions that fit any eventual problems that may occur."
    Daniel Z. Ghovatto
    Prime Action Consulting
  • "Based on my experience working with Agence, I can say that they are a consolidated team, always trying to offer the best customer experience, and are highly qualified in technology to face any challenge in mobile and web environments."
    Ry Sterling Yennie
    Vice President
    Covestone Corporation
  • "We are accelerating our achievements and we count on Agence on this ambitious project for Brazil. We are very pleased with the competence and quality of work of Agence's professionals."
    Andre Cavalcanti
    Sales Consultant Direct
    Toyota Brazil
  • "I have been working with Agence for over four years and I always have my expectations exceeded.Very involved in the context and primarily quick, agile and always meeting deadlines. I recommend their services to any company."
    Graciela Berlezi
    Resale Coordinator and Point TIM
    TIM Celular S.A.
  • "We can consider Agence one of our partners. Combining of excellent support, flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, the work and projects delivered are now part of our company's day-to-day life."
    Rodolfo Neute Borges
    Sales System
    Pirelli Pneus S.A.
  • "Simply my partner in technology solutions for the past 6 years.When I need innovation with quality and speed I always think of Agence. Congratulations on the staff's professionalism."
    Marcelo Kussama
    Assurant Solutions
    Automotive Intelligence
  • "Agence stood out from competitors that we had searched for since the first impression: quick and customized solutions, demonstrating that they profoundly understood what they were advising us. We consider them partners for any new project."
    Luciana Makinodan
    Sales & Marketing Coordinator
    ABRADIT - Brazilian Association of Dealers Toyota