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Get your idea off the drawing board with us! Count on our 20 years of experience in web and mobile application development.

Why is an App important to your company?

Be a part of digital transformation and bring innovation to your business with app development. Make your company more competitive and increase your profit in a world each day more connected, generate more value and engage your customers with mobile solutions. The main advantages of Agence’s mobile development are:

  • Get your idea off the drawing board with quality and work delivery assurance.;
  • Stay in touch with your customers, increasing your sales;
  • Improve your communication with employees;
  • Optimize internal processes with corporate apps and sales forces;
  • Gain efficiency and reduce costs;
  • Give the best experience to the final user;
  • Always keep up to date with the latest of your business. Management reports are only a click of distance.;
  • Compatibility with major platforms, such as Android (Google Play and Huawei Store) and iOS (App Store).

Nossas Tecnologias

Linguagens que desenvolvemos para tornar o seu projeto incrível e alavancar sua empresa

"Agence participated in a historic moment of Pirelli Tires. Very efficiently and tactfully, they helped us develop a relationship system.
The partnership is already showing good results, and certainly we will be together on other projects.".

The Aircraft on the ground time (AOG) is one of the biggest challenges that airlines face. The
management of AOG is crucial to improve the gains of the company. Since we started our
partnership in 2013, we have developed several mobile applications to make the process more
optimized and profitable for the company. Latam's current aircraft fleet is over 300 aircrafts

"We are very pleased with the efficiency and attention that Agence's team had with our project. Other important point
was the quick understanding of what we needed, which facilitated our work.".

Shire is a british pharmaceutical company and one of the majors worldwide. In 2016 they
contacted us with the goal of building an APP, the Ihunter, that has the objective of raising
awareness about hunter syndrome. To reach that goal we developed two apps, one for
Android and another for IOS.

Hunter Douglas has over 20 years of experience, been the world leader in the curtains and
blinds market. In 2015 they got in touch with us to build a mobile app with the objective of
being a worldwide standardized grading system. The grades were regardless of the
environment and appearance of stores that distribute products from the PMC division.

"We are accelerating our achievements and we count on Agence on this ambitious project for Brazil.
We are very pleased with the competence and quality of work of Agence's professionals."

"Agility and commitment to the delivery of the project reflect the professionalism of Agence. We were able to establish a real partnership for the implementation
of a challenging and innovative project. It's nice to be able to rely on a partner company to achieve our results and objectives."

In partnership with Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a swiss multinational company with over 50 years
of market, we developed an app for the project “No Pee in Bed”. Developed for Android and
IOS platforms, the app already has more than fifteen thousand downloads. In an interactive
way, with the help from the mascot “Pee’, the application has the goal to raise awareness and
assist in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis.

"When I arrived in Anhanguera, I thought Agence was a provider like any other, but their excellent support (which is an extremely important
item in the relationship between client and provider), excellent technical capacity and agility make Agence one of our top partners."

Talbot S.A. is a chilean company founded in 1993 from the hotel business sector. In 2016 they
contacted us to develop a mobile application with the objective of improving the management
of the sales staff, allowing the managers to easily have access to relevant data.

The Steps to Create the perfect App with Agence.

Contact us and explain the needs of your company. One of our consultants will get in touch with you and together you’ll plan the best solution for your business.
With the proposal and project approved, we are gonna to use Scrum methodology and will designate the more suitable team and project manager to your demand. With this we assure more agility and quality on the delivery.
3. Using Design Thinking, we are going to develop a navigable prototype for your project. With the prototype done, we are able to make an more accurate estimation of investment and effort to build your App. It also provides user interface screens for presentations.
Following the schedule that was approved, we’ll follow with the app development using design thinking and as reference the prototype. Your App is almost ready for use.
We deliver your app finished and ready to Go! We can also offer a support and maintenance plan for updates and improvements, ensuring smooth operation of the App, in addition to hosting through Agence Host.

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Testimonials & Clients

Large customers with large projects, come to know our work.
Banco do Brasil
  • "Agence participated in a historic moment of Pirelli Tires. Very efficiently and tactfully, they helped us develop a relationship system. The partnership is already showing good results, and certainly we will be together on other projects."
    Patrícia Mota
    Trade Marketing Latam
    Pirelli Pneus S.A.
  • "Agence managed to deliver exactly what we needed: a website that effectively reflects the corporate image of our company.It is serious, professional and modern, much like the services provided by Orbe."
    Fabio Figueiredo Carvalho
    Orbe Investimentos Ltda.
  • "Simply my partner in technology solutions for the past 6 years.When I need innovation with quality and speed I always think of Agence. Congratulations on the staff's professionalism."
    Marcelo Kussama
    Assurant Solutions
    Automotive Intelligence
  • "Agence recommends integrated solutions to our demand, harmonizing professionalism, proactivity and competence."
    Eli Gonçalves
    Executive Director
    Personal CO2 Zero
  • "We can consider Agence one of our partners. Combining of excellent support, flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, the work and projects delivered are now part of our company's day-to-day life."
    Rodolfo Neute Borges
    Sales System
    Pirelli Pneus S.A.
  • "I have developed an APP for one of my products with Agence, and I was certainly very satisfied with the result delivered. All the screens and functionalities were exactly as I needed it and the team was able to respond quickly to all our demands in an agile way As always, Agence stands out from its competitors and maintains a very high level of delivery of its services. "
    Leonardo Jorge
    Leonardo Jorge
    Senior Manager - Rare Diseases
  • "Based on my experience working with Agence, I can say that they are a consolidated team, always trying to offer the best customer experience, and are highly qualified in technology to face any challenge in mobile and web environments."
    Ry Sterling Yennie
    Vice President
    Covestone Corporation
  • "With the development of LanCASS Latam Airlines began its technological transformation in the area of Aeronautical Maintenance in Agence’s hand, now we are leaders in productivity, control and continuous improvement tools. The value of Agence is not only the high technology, but also the flexibility and agility to work as true consultants in technological solutions".
    Fernando Andrade
    Diretor de Projetos Lean
    LATAM Airlines
  • "Agence represented an evolution, nowadays we work with the most modern technologies available in the world. That added much value to our business, guaranteeing scalability and high availability for applications."
    Marco Luvizan
    Coordenador de Infra Estrutura
    Toyota do Brasil
  • "When I arrived to Anhanguera, I thought Agence was a provider like any other, but their excellent support (which is an extremely important item in the relationship between client and provider), excellent technical capacity and agility make Agence one of our top partners."
    Felipe Brandão
    TI Web Manager
    Anhanguera Educacional S.A.