Institutional Site Copagaz

Copagaz is a family business that operates in the bottling, distribution and commercialization of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Today, based in the city of São Paulo, it has 15 bottling units, 9 LPG storage units, 2 LPG distribution service units in bulk, 1 reseller point and a distribution network for residential and business. From this network, it distributes more than 50 thousand tons per month to millions of homes, industries and commercial establishments. Copagaz is among the country’s five largest liquefied petroleum gas distributors.

Agence has developed an Institutional Portal Copagaz (, being the access channel for customers, resellers and collaborators.

Developed in PHP technology and MySQL database, CMS WordPress.


Skills Used

PHP / WP 80%
Deployment / Training 5%
Consulting 5%
Architecture / Design 5%
Tester 5%