SIGG Switzerland



The SIGG E-commerce project was designed to promote SIGG bottles disclose in Brazil and Internet sales, mainly corporate ones, through a website that features user registration, shopping cart to check and search for products. The site was developed using PHP and MySQL technologies.

The payment method is integrated with Digital Payment system that offers credit cards, bank transfers and bank slips. In the administrative area of the website you can take control of registered users on the website , order , registration of products and categories , among other configuration tools.

Skills Utilizados

PHP OS Commerce 80%
Strategic Consultancy 12%
Tester 6%
Deployment/Training 2%
To increase the promotion and access to SIGG E-Commerce, an ad campaign was developed on Google adwords. The service included the ad development and the tracking of the campaign performance on costs and conversions.

Skills Utilizados

Web design 95%
Programming 80%
Marketing 65%
WordPress 50%
Communication 35%