Client: HPoint Comercial Ltda Project: Institutional and Social Website Hpoint is an authorized Honda dealership that works with new and semi-new vehicles, and offers services such as technical support and special sales. In the market for 20 years now, HPoint has three dealerships in fine parts of the City of São Paulo: Pinheiros, Itaim Bibi and Vila, selling…


O Melhor da Vida

Client: O Melhor da Vida Project: Institucional Website, Relation e E-commerce The Best Of Life, a company that is 100% Brazilian, brings to its customers a unique variety of sportive, cultural and gastronomical experiences, perfect for those who like to enjoy incredible sensations and the most fascinating things in life. In the market for over 5… Details
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LAN Maint Control

Client: LAN Maint Control Project: LAN Maint Control The LAN Maint Control project aims to track the maintenance work during its execution. Through this follow-up we can have real-time updates on scheduling, resource usage, problem management, visual management, finding opportunities, and reassigning tasks and/or resources. Used Skills Objective-C 35% Software Architecture 20% Project Management 10% Tests… Details
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LAN Hit List

Client: LAN Hit List Project: LAN Hit List Due to resource shortage, the merger with TAM, and the steady growth of the LATAM fleet, it became necessary to create an automatic Hit List that provides a more automated way to measure  aircraft quality and get the results online. This way, it's possible to work on-line with the area… Details


Client: Tambors Project: Tambors Sharing music within Tambors' network. Music sharing from one device to another is made instantly; by just being close to each other, through Bluetooth or Wi-fi (no need of an access point, peer-to-peer technology). With Tambors, you and other smartphones can play different songs at the same time. Plus, you can control… Details

Holiday Inn Talbot

Client: Holiday Inn Talbot Project: Holiday Inn Talbot The objective of this project is to develop a mobile solution (android) to improve Talbot Hotels0 management of their sales executives. It will also include a web portal that will make it possible to manage information that may be relevant to sales executives. Used Skills Java/Android 65% XML… Details


Client: UBC Project: UBC UBC is a system that, through wi-fi connection, creates a profile of the connected users. This profile is created with the following information: - Age; - Gender; - Neighborhood; - Monitoring of Internet accesses - Monitoring of physical displacement of users in the environment - Type of device connected to the network (Manufacturer,… Details

Right Measure

Client: Right Measure Project: Right Measure Taking measurements is easier with Right Measure, the app that allows creating measurement sketches over images. Take measurements with automatic size references using a credit card as a reference - have the measurements be calculated automatically for you! Share the results by e-mail or save them to your library! The… Details

Hunter Douglas RID

Client: Hunter Douglas RID Project: Hunter Douglas RID It aims to develop a standardized scoring system worldwide to evaluate the environment and appearance of the stores that distribute products of the PMC division. Used Skills Development Swift 40% Material Design (Interface) 5% Offline/Online synchronization 15% Project Management 10% Software Architecture 20% Tests 10% Details