Banco Bradesco S.A.


SisconDJ is a management system for judicial deposits made to the courts of justice in the country. It controls the entire process of maintaining subaccounts, issuing payment slips and conciliationg automatically. It was developed with the.NET (VB) and SQL Server technologies.

The system is based on Web technology with instantaneous updates and no need to purchase licenses for devices. Only a browser (Internet browser such as Internet explorer) is required.

Bradesco is the second largest private bank in Brazil (in total assets), and grew mainly through mergers and acquisitions. It was founded on March 10, 1943 in the city of Marilia, São Paulo by Amador Aguiar, succeeding the House Banking Adams & Co., founder Colonel Galdino de Almeida and partner José da Silva Nogueira, being renamed Brazilian Discount Bank SA, whose acronym was “Bradesco”, which became the company name.


Skills Used

.Net/SQL Server 39%
Deployment/Training 26%
Tester 21%
Infraestructure 6%
Software Arquitecture 4%
HTML Interfaces 3%
Software requirement specifications 1%