Silicon Valley startup helps bring job-seeking inmates up to code

In addition to the usual headaches that come with running a fledgling Silicon Valley venture, Chris Redlitz’s particular project faces a few unique ones – gang violence and prison lockdowns, for example. With little fanfare, the San Francisco-based venture capitalist and tech-industry veteran has been working on a project called the Last Mile. It’s an…


5 E-commerce Tips Based on Recent Mobile Market Trends

Mobile devices has changed the way consumers shop and currently they play an important role in the purchase process. We’ve already discussed how important is to develop user friendly experience across all devices. The vast majority of users are likely to leave a website before purchase if the loading time is too long, or site is not…


Take Your Startup To The Limit

I learned to drive a car at age 19 on a warm Santiago de Chile night, in an unusual way. A friend named Jose Pedro resolved to teach me after dinner at his apartment, suprised to learn I didn’t know how. It was past two am, and without anyone on the streets, it would be…

Google could make it easy for you to pay bills from Gmail

Google could make it easy for you to pay bills from Gmail

People use Google’s Gmail to firm up brunch plans with a friend, exchange notes with colleagues and say hi to their mom. Now, Google wants to add another use to that list: Paying bills. The search giant is building a service reportedly called “Pony Express” that will allow users to pay bills and split the…


Facebook’s WhatsApp comes to desktop computers

The popular chat service makes its way to PCs, but iPhone users will have to wait. Whatsapp isn’t just for smartphones anymore. The chat application, which Facebook bought for more than $19 billion in October, will now extend its service so that it can be used on desktop and laptop computers. The app now lets…


Google: Would you pay to not see ads on favorite websites?

Would you trade ads for a monthly payment? Google wants users to rethink the way their favorite websites are funded. The company on Thursday launched a beta program called Contributor by Google. With a handful of participating websites, the program is focused on enabling people to make a monthly contribution to a website in lieu…


White House computer network ‘hacked’

A White House computer network has been breached by hackers, it has been reported. The unclassified Executive Office of the President network was attacked, according to the Washington Post. US authorities are reported to be investigating the breach, which was reported to officials by an ally of the US, sources said. White House officials believe…

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Russian cyber criminals exploit Microsoft bug

Russian hackers have used a vulnerability in Microsoft software to spy on targets including NATO and Western European governments. Security firm iSight Partners said a zero-day vulnerability, impacting all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and Windows Server 2008 and 2012, was used by hackers in Russia to spy on various targets. NATO, Ukrainian government organisations, Western…


Take a leap of faith — Windows 10 deserves it

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Well, if we were talking about a rose that may be true. But when talking about the next iteration of Windows, the last thing Redmond needs is a reason for people to poke fun at it. Those who do will miss…


What Apple knows about smartwatches that Google doesn’t

As predicted in this space last week, Apple has launched another revolution. The Apple Watch validates, mainstreams and leads the smartwatch category, even though it doesn’t exist yet. (Shipments aren’t expected until early next year.) As with the two previous Apple revolutions (the iPhone and iPad), the nature of and the reasons for the revolution…