Uber breach affected 2.7 million Britons

The October 2016 data breach of Uber’s systems affected up to 2.7 million user accounts in the UK belonging to both customers and drivers, it has emerged. The breach saw details of 57 million accounts compromised, and Uber has been heavily criticised for not admitting sooner that its systems had been hacked, and for paying off those…


The Chilean’s Goverment has selected Agence as exporter of IT services to the United States.

Agence Consulting has been selected to be part of “Ch1l3; A digital Country_”, information technology sectorial brand that represents Chile. A program executed by Prochile and whose sole objective is to promote the chilean’s technological services industry over the world. Through “Ch1l3; A digital Country_” the government recognizes to Agence Consulting as one of the…


IBM’s Future Blockchain Projects May Give New Meaning to its Name

Juniper Research has released the results of a survey indicating that International Business Machines (IBM) is the top provider of Blockchain among all other companies, with 43% of the vote. Instead of “International Business Machines,” IBM could very well stand for “International Blockchain Model” in the near future. On the same survey entitled, “Blockchain Enterprise Survey,” Microsoft came in…


WhatsApp turns its attention to business

Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has unveiled plans to develop standalone versions of its mobile app aimed at connecting businesses and their customers more easily. WhatsApp Business will be free for small businesses, with a paid-for enterprise version targeted at those with a global customer base – an indication of one way Facebook plans to monetize the app, which now…