Tablets sales will grow just 6.5% this year

Tablet shipments worldwide will continue to grow this year, but not as quickly as previously expected, according to a forecast released Friday. After four years of double- and triple-digit growth, worldwide tablet shipments this year will grow by just 6.5% over last year, according to IDC. The research firm had previously forecast 12.1% growth. The…


Facebook still won’t say ‘sorry’ for mind games experiment

Facebook can’t seem to bring itself to apologize for performing psychological experiments on its users. In her first public statement on the matter, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said that the outrage over the company’s controversial study was all a big misunderstanding. “This was part of ongoing research companies do to test different products,…


Uber valued at $18.2 billion

Uber, the controversial taxi app, has completed a round of funding that values the company at $18.2 billion. The four-year old company has been a giant success story, growing its operation to 128 cities in 37 countries and providing transportation to millions of customers. Uber started as a business that sends customers luxury cabs at…


Skype to get ‘real-time’ translator

Microsoft has unveiled a “real-time” language translation feature for its internet phone service Skype. Chief executive Satya Nadella said the firm would launch a test version of the service, dubbed Skype Translator, for Windows 8 later this year. The move comes as competition in the internet-based phone service sector has been rising, forcing firms to…


Top reasons your Business Intelligence (BI) project will fail

Gartner estimates that the majority of Business Intelligence projects fail to reach the intended result and return on investment (ROI). Experience indicates several important reasons for failure. Each issue deserves it’s own discussion, I plan to expand on each the future, and what to do about them: 1) Data models are complex. Systems are complex.…


Is enterprise IT falling behind as business strategy turns outside-in?

Today’s highly interconnected customers, industry ecosystems and cloud computing platforms are pushing the business centre of gravity outside of the walls of the firm. Although effective internal company systems, processes and value chains will always be essential, successful firms need to harness the skills, capabilities and passions of the external marketplace. This is what we…


Mobile apps overtake PC Internet usage in U.S.

Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet last month — the first time that has ever happened. Mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January. Apps made up 47% of Internet traffic and 8% of traffic came from mobile browsers, according to data…


Don’t expect more WhatsApp-like deals

Don’t expect Facebook’s $19 billion WhatsApp purchase to set off a messaging app shopping spree. Although mobile messaging is hugely important to the future of communication and gaining momentum by the day, every potential messaging player seems to have its cards in place. Google’s (GOOG, Fortune 500) Hangouts is available on the Web, Apple’s iOS…


Virgin Atlantic trials Google Glass for Upper Class

Virgin Atlantic today announced it will be piloting Google Glass to see how the wearable technology could improve its customer services. Staff responsible for Upper Class passengers travelling with the airline will be supplied with the glasses, enabling them to start the check in process and keep people up to date on the latest flight information, weather and…


No, a phablet version will not save the iPhone

Everyone is telling Apple it needs a big-screen iPhone to rekindle sales — but a look at the data shows that won’t work I’m at an age where I like my screens to be bigger, as long as their text is too. Apple has not seen fit to address this need, and its iPhone screen…