Zoom video chat’s full encryption won’t be a free feature

But the videoconferencing service could make exceptions so nonprofits get end-to-end encryption without paying. Zoom is working on end-to-end encryption to protect privacy on its increasingly popular video chat service, but the company will make it a premium feature not available to free accounts. Alex Stamos, a Zoom security consultant and former chief security officer for Yahoo, told Reuters the company could include exceptions…


Re-purposing data and questionable effectiveness could undermine trust in NHS contact-tracing app

Data experts have expressed concern about the UK government’s approach to building a Covid-19 contact-tracing app, citing the potential for data to be re-purposed and its questionable effectiveness as primary worries. Developed by the NHS’s digital healthcare innovation unit, NHSX, the app is currently being tested in the Isle of Wight before a planned roll-out…


How HR robotics can be good for people

The automation of human resources processes, some of which uses robotic process automation, can benefit humans, as a clutch of Nordic and UK organisations show Organisations can use software-based robotic process automation (RPA) to make staffing cuts, but this is not the style favoured by Norwegian hairdressing chain Cutters. The company, which started with one salon in…


Satya Nadella looks to the future with edge computing

Speaking today at the Microsoft  Government Leaders Summit in Washington, DC, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the case for edge computing, even while pushing the Azure cloud as what he called “the world’s computer.” While Amazon, Google and other competitors may have something to say about that, marketing hype aside, many companies are still in the midst…


Did unicorns like Lyft and Uber wait too long?

It was several years ago, at a tech conference in Laguna Beach, Calif., that the venture capitalist Bill Gurley issued one of what would become repeated warnings that startups were staying private too long. Comparing companies that refuse to go public to undergrads whose college careers extend several years past the point that they should, Gurley…